Commercial Moving

Commercial moving is another service we offer, we aim to make the transition for your employees smooth and easy as possible. Santos Moving can handle packing and labeling office spaces on both ends for larger moves where it can be confusing.

Each move is different and is personalized to meet your needs.  There can be various challenges for each individualized move.  Different equipment may be needed as well.

The office will review your move details with you either over the phone or through email.  We will look up your addresses to determine any access restrictions and travel time.  We will then review your inventory list of items to be moved including any specialty items that require extra time or material.  At this time we will also review any special requests that you may have for your individual circumstances.

Offices depending on the size can take more time than just one day.  We know time is money and any downtime is money lost. We do take this into consideration and try to accommodate the best we can.

We also offer commercial store rearranging, which is a labor only service.  Does your interior decorator need some muscle to help stage a home for sale, a warehouse or a storefront? We have you covered.

Make sure you set aside plenty of time to pack or hire us to pack you.

Whether you have a smaller or larger office or a warehouse Our Company has the resources available to make your commercial move as successful as possible.



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